I am a freelance graphic designer, website creator, and amateur photographer. My expertise in graphic design, website development, and marketing enable me to create products both you and your customers will love.
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Whether you are starting from square one or want to update an old design it’s important to have a clear and concise plan of action. Many times a website design or marketing campaign falls short of its potential due to poor planning or inconsistent branding.


Has your designer ever disappeared in the middle of a project or left you with a design that did not meet your expectations? Well I can help, my proven track record and experience can help you identify goals, scout the competition, analyze a target market, and implement a plan that will communicate your message clearly to your clients.


Review my process below and contact me today for a no obligation consultation.


Man's hand writing in notebook with blurred background

The discovery meeting is the foundation of your project. During this initial interaction all the pertinent facts are gathered such as information on your goals for the project. Who are your main competitors? What is your target audience? The goal is to learn about your business and determine the best path to success.


The analysis phase is all about research and preparation.  In the online universe data is king, learning what is currently working  and also what is not working will guide the next step in the process. Strategic planning of the functions and features that will return the greatest ROI will inform the type of site and marketing need to make your project a success.

Pen over screen with analytical data


Mindmap on whiteboard

With all the information collected in the previous steps it’s time to get to work formulating a plan. This phase is all about putting the pieces together to determine what will work best for your business. Creating charts, marketing plans, social media campaigns, and compiling the analysis will generate a road map that will inform the last phase of the process and lead to a final project you can be proud to show off.


It’s time to get to work, all the analysis and planning during the previous steps come together to create a clear and comprehensive plan of action. In this phase we begin to form a clear picture of what the final project will look like. Once all the preplanning and site mockups are approved it’s time to starting building the tools that will guide your business into the future.

White coffee cup on desktop near dual monitors and apple keyboard





Not everyone is going to have a plan for their online presence that will fit into the predetermined plans listed above. If you are looking for something a little more outside the box contact me directly to discuss custom pricing.


Logo Design – $250 – $600


A logo identifies your company to the world and needs to communicate clearly your company’s ideals and mission to everyone who sees it. A professional logo must utilize proper layout, typography, proportion, and color theory in order to communicate the right message. We are all influenced by these factors whether we realize it or not so it is essential to establish your brand with a mark that will last the test of time.


Whether you are looking for something simple or a little more intricate my experience in logo design and branding will give you a finished product that is both beautiful and impactful.

Woman's hand over sketches of various logos

Banners and Ads

  • Facebook Covers – $75
  • Twitter Covers – $75
  • Web Banners – $75
  • Web Ad Banner Pack – $150
  • and more…

Printed Materials

  • Business Cards – $195
  • Menus – $100 – $600
  • Brochures – $295
  • Flyers – $175
  • and more…

Covers and Extras

  • Album Covers – $600 & up
  • Book Covers – $800 & up
  • Movie Posters – $1500 & up
  • Product Labels – $1000 & up
  • and more…